Crittenton Hospital Medical Center and LevelSet Solutions published a new mobile application this week to the Google Play and Apple iTunes App Stores. The My Crittenton Health Tracker is a free app that embraces healthcare’s renewed emphasis on preventative health and community education and gives patients the ability to take control of their health. The My Crittenton Health Tracker app shows the hospital’s dedication to leveraging technologies in order to provide useful resources for their community.

“The app was created to meet our goal to tie together healthcare resources and hospital information with symptom tracking functionality for users and their primary care physicians or specialists,” said Brian Birney, Director of Marketing and Communications for Crittenton Hospital. “The app increases and aids in communications for the patient, physician, and hospital.”

The app, designed and developed by Levelset Solutions, allows users to store lists of medications, allergies, and physicians’ contact information for multiple family members, providing moms, dads, and caregivers easy access to critical information when needed. The built-in calendar and journaling functionality make it easy to track health symptoms. The export capabilities let users share data with their physicians and other health care professionals.

“The My Crittenton Health Tracker helps facilitate conversations with physicians and provides easy tools to track health information that needs to be communicated or quickly accessed during visits,” said Steve Swanson, President for LevelSet Solutions. “It is available for all devices and takes advantage of the latest technology in mobile app development.”

The app is available for download on both the Google Play and Apple iTunes App stores for no charge and is an ad-free application. For more information about the My Crittenton Health Tracker, you can